Teague Middle School Band

Band Rocks – Join Us – Support Us!

This website and our handbook are meant to help familiarize you with this program and to ensure an enjoyable and educationally rewarding musical experience.  Band is an elective and selective course. It is different from general music or any other course offered because we seek to develop and use a SKILL. It involves learning math concepts and applying them (rhythm), learning and applying a notation system, developing fine motor skills, developing our ability to hear and becoming truly aware of the sounds we make.

It requires cooperation with a large team of musicians working together towards a common goal. In addition, it also requires extra practice at home, occasional after school rehearsals and performances, and an investment in an instrument. Being in the band means having a responsibility to the entire group.  It is true that band is not for everyone. HOWEVER, any student with the desire to succeed will do so. This band is a special group of people who have developed skills and have had learning experiences that will be useful in any endeavor they pursue. Being a part of this band is an excellent way to develop a skill, acquire an enjoyable leisure time activity, or even perform in an amateur or semi-professional group. Even in college, band can make a large university seem smaller and a lot friendlier.  I hope your membership in the Teague Band will be a rewarding and productive musical experience.