Private Lessons

Students, especially those who exhibit above average talent or those interested in above average musical achievement, are encouraged to study with a good private teacher.

Private Music Teachers

The best teachers obtain the best results. The best private teachers specialize in one or two instruments, play their instrument for their students during the lesson and set high standards of performance for their students.

They help students select music for Solo and Ensemble MPA and work to prepare their students for the MPA, prepare students for All State auditions, insist students learn their scales and refuse to teach students who do not practice, or come to lessons repeatedly unprepared. The following private teachers have repeatedly produced outstanding results with Teague students over the past years. I am sure there are other good teachers in the area, but these are the ones of whom I have knowledge.

Music Teacher Overview

Choose your instrument  below for a list of private music teachers.


Jennifer Frankenstein:   407-786-0409

Grace Petree:  407-323-3639

Dan Ferri:  386-837-6655

Katie Nicklin:  407-647-8600


Andrea Newhouse:  407-756-7349

Gordon O’Hara:  407-869-1650

Bill Golstien:  407-767-2001

Dan Ferri:  386-837-6655


Dr. Artie Almedia:  407-767-7584

Dan Ferri:  407-837-6655

Jeremy Williamson:  407-782-2729

Gordon O’Hara:  407-869-1650


Ashley Heintzen:  407-920-8084

Lisa Williamson:  407-430-2221

John Beck:  407-645-3192


John Almeida:  407-767-7584

Nancy King:  407-320-3460

Mark Barron:  407-767-2001

Bob Hinckley:  386-804-4954

French Horn

William Robinson:  407-699-4413

Carolyn Blice:  407-539-0920

Trombone, Baritone, Tuba

Kerry Waldo:  407-222-1191

Phillip Jennings:  407-695-9076

David Schmidt:  386-822-8949


Ryan Sorenson:  407-923-2174

Nancy King:  407-320-3460

Claude Kashnig:  407-345-5696


Will Vizoso:  407-493-7149

Heather Thorn:  407-339-6683

Buck McLeod:  407-339-6683

Willie Rast:  407-678-1765

Piano Teachers/Accompanists

Elizabeth Jennings:  407-695-9076

Craig Wilson:  407-376-8484

Heather Langs:  407-767-2001