Instrument Rental

When students are first starting Band and are new to their instrument, they typically rent the instrument for the school year.

Local Music Store/Rental Companies

Below are some of the local music store/instrument rental companies we have worked with over the years.  They provide rentals for all instruments except those which are school owned (bassoon, baritone, tuba).  See the information further down the page for those instruments.

Flute – Oboe – Clarinet – Saxophone – Trumpet – Trombone – Percussion

Music and Arts Center

Music and Arts Center is located in Sanford. It specializes in the sale and rental of band instruments and accessories exclusively.

1673 WP Ball Blvd, Sanford, FL

Telephone: 407-321-4750

Gary Underwood Music

Gary Underwood Music specializes in instrument repair, particularly woodwinds.

4949 Pine Ave., in Winter Park (near Goldenrod & Aloma).

Telephone: 407-6778792

Music Shack

Located in Casselberry, owned and operated by Scott White, a local musician. Music Shack visits Teague weekly and provides repairs and supplies.

702 S US Highway 17-92, Longwood, FL

Telephone: 407-678-1765

School Owned Rentals

The school owns several instruments.  Students may rent these instruments from us directly.

Bassoon – French Horn – Baritone – Tuba

In order to rent a school instrument the student and parent must fill out a School Band Instrument Rental Agreement. There will be a non-refundable rental fee for all school owned equipment. This fee will be announced in writing at the beginning of each school year. Each student who uses a school-owned instrument is completely responsible for the care of that instrument or piece of equipment. Lost or damaged items shall be replaced at the student’s expense. Before school-owned instruments are checked out, a checkout form must be filled out and filed with the director. Students must return any item checked out at the director’s request. Normal wear and tear repairs are not the responsibility of the student.

Download School Band Instrument Rental Agreement